3 Different Cover Options for Volume 3 of Tales of the Exam Room

Volume 3: Medical Stories While Incarcerated with 3 Different Cover Options

We are so excited about the 3 Different Cover Options for Volume 3 of Exam Room Tales. So glad to be apart of the team that has brought about these #books. It has been such an amazing experience to help get these books  #published.

We are also extremely excited about this latest picture that was taken by one of our marketing specialists. It really shows the depth and volume of what we are trying to accomplish.

Volume 1 and 2 have been out for a few months now and we have seen such exciting reviews. These books are about unbelievable medical stories and about the interactions with medical professionals and their patients. Sometimes the stories are shocking, funny, and downright unbelievable. Come check it out. #publishedauthor #medicine #health #wellness

Check them out at Amazon

Purple Cover – amzn.to/3q0wRWC
Razor Wire – amzn.to/3m96P17
Foggy Hand – amzn.to/3lmm8CB


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