Tales of The Exam Room – Volume One

Book Cover: Tales of The Exam Room - Volume One
Pages: 31

Sometimes the craziest and most unimaginable things happen in Medical Exam Rooms. Tales of the Exam Room are several stories and experiences that are designed to make you laugh and appreciate your own health. It is vital to understand that most medical professionals are there to help and that common sense is not a gift that everyone has.

Publisher: Amazon

Tales of the Exam Room is designed first and foremost to make you laugh, cry, or even attempt to shock you. Every medical person that you come across will have plenty of stories to tell you if you are willing to listen. This book is very much the same.

Our stories come from a variety of different medical professionals and many different areas of medicine. Each story has a different level of truth, and some stories have been combined. Much of the nature and the specifics of each medical story have been changed or altered. This is not intended to deceive but to protect the individual or individuals involved. This could include location, injury, storyline, and much more.

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