Tales of the Exam Room Volume Two

Book Cover: Tales of the Exam Room Volume Two
Pages: 46

In our Tales of the Exam Room Volume Two, we continue to explore the funny and crazy world of medicine and surprising medical stories. Often, like a law of nature, when something can go wrong, it does. But the outcome is rarely as you expect it. You might find yourself feeling sorry for those involved, laughing, and in some cases crying. We have emotions for a reason. Many of our stories come from actual events, though many aspects have been changed. Enjoy!!

Publisher: Amazon

This is Volume Two of Tales of the Exam Room. We have enjoyed the success of our first volume and had so much fun in doing it. Thanks for all the great feedback.

These stories are personal and often true in nature but have been changed slightly to protect the privacy or the experience of a story. In medicine, we often love our patients beyond the common understanding, and we love medicine. We strive to help patients whenever possible, though that is not always an option. Sometimes the patient is their own worst enemy.

In this book, we try to help the readers understand the love for both the patient and medicine. The art of medicine is seldom black and white. There are many reasons why it is called “practicing” medicine. Sometimes, decisions are made in a split moment, and what works for one patient, may or may not work for another.

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