Exciting Changes to Tales of the Exam Room – A Partnership

A Partnership

2020 was a very exciting year for our authors and our team as we were part of a tremendous amount of growth and breaking barriers to bring about our medical short stories. Our goal of publication was realized not once or twice but three times. We are hoping for more of the same fun for 2021.

Near the end of 2020, we were approached by a small Indie Publishing company – Obsidian Wolf Publishing. They wanted to help us market our books, make some slight changes, and allow our books to be accessible to a wider audience. This includes some marketing strategies, ISBN numbers, COVER, Title changes, and other possibilities. Some of these changes will seem hardly noticeable – we hope – but it was essential to our successes.

Much of 2020 was spent learning the process of publishing as we went. Some of what we did could be classified as “less effective.” We had some success but we are hoping that 2021 goes beyond anything imaginable.

We want to first say – Thank you to our readers and those who have supported us. We are hoping that working with an Indie publishing company will bring about things that were previously unimaginable.

Feel free to contact us at any time with any questions.

As a result of our partnership – our first 2 books have undergone some significant changes and they have been republished.   Our third book should be coming out sometime in February. Please enjoy!!

Our Books

Crazy Medical Stories: Tales of the Exam Room Volume 1

Paperback and Ebook

Amazon Link:  amzn.to/3bY4C6C




Medical Horror Stories: Tales of the Exam Room Volume 2

Paperback and Ebook

Amazon Link: amzn.to/3p3Zv8i

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