New Release – Amusing Medical Stories – Volume 5

Amusing Medical Stories is Released – June 2022

Scott Kemp is pleased to announce the release of Amusing Medical Stories – Vol. 5 in his Exam room Series.
In Vol 5, our journey continues as we share stories of medicine that are on the funnier side of things. These tales are intended to be felt, enjoyed, and told repeatedly. There is so much to learn about patient encounters, decision-making disasters, and the incredible actions of those involved during odd and life-saving situations.

Author Scott Kemp brings his latest short story collection with the hopes that you will see the lighter side of medicine. This certainly doesn’t mean that each story will have a happy ending.

Additionally, it is important to understand that fear, confusion, and lack of understanding may play a role in some of the decisions made in these stories. Don’t rush to be judgmental. These accounts will bring about a greater clarity into the unbelievable circumstances that medical professionals and patients find themselves in.

Volume 5 looks at some of the naiveties of sexual explorations, the confusion of the mind, food disasters, unbelievable accidents, and a case of medical isolation to the extreme.

Remember that the art of medicine is seldom straightforward and common sense is not always common.

Check out Volume 1-5 in E-book

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