Not-So-Normal Knee X-ray

Can you tell what is wrong with this X-ray?

Understandably, it would help if you know how to look at X-rays but this problem is easy to spot. This is a not-so-normal knee X-ray.

This story comes from South Korea where a woman went to see her doctor after having knee pain that was constant for years.  She had previously been diagnosed with Osteoarthritis and was trying to find ways to make the pain go away. She was taking some over-the-counter medications and putting heat and other at-home remedies.

When that didn’t work – she went to her next option . . . Acupuncture

Turns out, the needles that were placed in her knee were likely made of gold. They were intentionally left in her knee – to give her continued stimulation, or at least, that it what the ongoing theory is. The X-ray is showing a number of gold tips from the acupuncture needles.

This X-ray and an article were submitted to the New England Journal of Medicine in December 2013.


Read more about this case:

X-Ray Reveals Hundreds of Gold Needles in Woman’s Knees



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