Vol 6 – Heartbreaking Medical Stories

Heartbreaking Medical Stories:  Tales of the Exam Room – Volume 6

In Vol 6, our journey examines the difficult sides of medicine, treatment, and circumstances. Many patients want the best possible outcome, and so do their families and friends. Unfortunately, that is not always in the cards. That doesn’t mean these stories all have depressing outcomes, but heartbreak is a common theme.

Author Scott Kemp brings his latest short story collection with the hopes that you will feel the pain and discomfort the patient may be experiencing and learn from it.

Additionally, it is important to understand that individuals may make decisions about future treatment and prognosis based on their fears or misunderstandings about what medicine may or may not provide for them. You might think you might act differently, but it would be hard to understand unless you were walking in their shoes truly.

Volume 6 looks at trying situations and diagnoses, and it will observe some of the inner turmoil we will all have to face a time or two in our lives. We hope you appreciate and have a greater understanding.

Remember that the art of medicine is seldom straightforward and common sense is not always common.

Take a look at Volume 6 by following this link – Vol 6: amzn.to/3DghUaW


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