Welcome to Exam Room Tales

Welcome to Exam Room Tales

Our team intends to give you a picture inside the world of medicine and into some of the more unexpected, unimaginable, and crazy things that happen that can happen with patients and the medical personnel that takes care of them. Often our stories come across as hard to believe. Trust us – most of the stories are largely based in factual ideas.

With that in mind, most of the stories have been altered slightly to change the locations, names, and direct circumstances of the situation. This is intended to protect all of those involved.

We implore you to use the information to better understand the potential treatments, medicines, and experiences associated with the very difficult and unique areas of medicine. Often treatment or handling of a situation becomes more of an art or even intuition, more than anything else.

By far, the most important recommendation is to have fun and enjoy each of the stories. Feel free to provide feedback and comment on our stories.

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