Author Scott Kemp

Author Scott Kemp has had a love for medicine and writing and he was fortunate to find a way to do both. Over the years, Scott has gathered a number of stories about the complexities of medicine. At dinner parties or at company meetings, he would tell the stories that he knew, and he kept being told that he needed to write these stories into a book. And so…years later he did.

Scott’s passion to write comes from an early age as he loved to watch the world around him. Living in Maine, he has absolutely loved the outdoors and the ocean. The ocean brings calm to his life. Writing brings him happiness. Scott also has a desire to learn and will take any opportunity to learn a new thing.

Medicine is a unique area to write about and can be challenging. It is important to think about patient confidentiality which deals with privacy and HIPPA and Scott avoids these concerns by retelling his medical stories by changing the names, dates, places, and other relevent information. Additionally he might combine stories in such a way that enhances the crazy world of medicine.

Scott has finished Volumes 1-6. He is working on the next Volume

Volume 1Crazy Medical Stories

Volume 2Medical Horror Stories

Volume 3Medical Stories While Incarcerated

Volume 4Scary Medical Stories

Volume 5Amusing Medical Stories

Volume 6Heartbreaking Medical Stories

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