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These are the stories of the Exam Room Tales as we strive to share some of the most unbelievable and incredible medical stories that define the relationship between medical professionals and patients.  In many of these cases, these stories show us the extremes cases of what can go wrong with some of these encounters or show us the unbelievable circumstances that happen in some of the most difficult situations that nurses, doctors, and more find themselves.

We’ve created three books that intend on getting the message out. We are so happy and proud of what has been accomplished. Please, take the time to read each story and understand the difficulty that the medical personnel and patient may have had.

These stories are works of fiction, that are based on true stories.


Book One:  Crazy Medical Stories 

Author Scott Kemp introduces you to an unimaginable world of medicine where you just might find some of the craziest and most incredible stories about patients in and around the Exam Room. This collection of tales will surprise even the most seasoned medical professional.
Crazy Medical Stories

The paperback of the book on Amazon:  Crazy Medical Stories –Tales of The Exam Room: Volume One

Ebook version on Amazon:  Crazy Medical Stories – Tales of The Exam Room – Ebook


Book Two:  Medical Horror Stories

Medical Horror Stories – Volume 2 continues on the momentum of the first volume with 10 additional medical stories. These stories are equally astonishing. This collection is designed to make you laugh and cringe at the same time. They will be instructive and inspiring from the beautifully written pages. Don’t miss out on the next set of crazy medical stories.


The link to the book is here:  Medical Horror Stories – Tales of the Exam Room: Volume Two

Ebook Version on Amazon: Medical Horror Stories – Tales of the Exam Room: Volume Two


Book Three:  Medical Stories While Incarcerated


Volume 3 is a little different. There are three covers to choose from. The stories are the same but our wonderful design team has come up with three perfect covers and it was so hard to choose from.

Purple Cover – amzn.to/3q0wRWC
Razor Wire – amzn.to/3m96P17
Foggy Hand – amzn.to/3lmm8CB

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